Minimizing The Impact Of Domestic Violence Allegations

Unlike other types of criminal allegations, accusations of domestic violations can have immediate consequences for your life. Alleged domestic assault often leads to restraining orders, which can affect your right to see your children, your ability to return home and even your right to possess a gun.

At the Spradlin Kennedy Law Firm in Kansas City, we understand the importance of fighting back against these allegations as quickly and effectively as possible. We can help you make sense of what is happening and help you avoid missteps that could further complicate your life. We remain focused on protecting your rights and securing a beneficial outcome to your current situation.

Understanding What A Restraining Order Means For You

Orders of protections, sometimes called restraining orders, are a civil action and often follow criminal accusations of domestic violence and physical assault. An ex parte order is effective immediately, meaning you may not be able to go home or see your family once this temporary order is issued. Violation of this order is a municipal offense. After that, a hearing will be set, and depending on the outcome, an order of protection may be entered against you. Violations of an order of protection will result in state-level criminal charges. Our attorneys can help you with the following:

  • We will explain the terms of the orders against you, including where you can go, who you can talk to and what actions may be violations of the order.
  • Our team can explain what this means for your gun rights, including how you may be able to fight to retain those rights.
  • Our lawyers will ensure the protection of your rights and provide the defense help necessary to confront any formal criminal charges against you.

Protective orders can have a serious impact on your life, and you will benefit from having a legal ally who will take your case seriously. We care about not only improving your immediate circumstances, but also preserving your long-term interests such as gun rights and child visitation.

Reach Out For Help Immediately

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