A Strong Defense When You Need It Most

Allegations of criminal activity can negatively impact every area of your life. Your freedom and future opportunities are on the line and the time to act is now. It is beneficial to act with expediency and urgency to defend yourself against these charges – you may not get another chance.

The attorneys with the Spradlin Kennedy Law Firm in Kansas City will take quick action on your behalf, taking steps to defend your rights and develop a defense strategy that will effectively challenge the case against you. From felony charges to traffic violations, Tracy Spradlin and Dan Kennedy will utilize their experience and resources to protect your future and pursue the best possible outcome.

Helping You Fight Various Types Of Criminal Charges

Tracy Spradlin has experience working in a municipal prosecutor's office, and Dan Kennedy formerly worked for the Missouri Department of Revenue in DWI license suspension enforcement. Their unique experiences allow them to understand how the prosecution works and what is necessary to confront any type of criminal charge or license suspension. Our Missouri lawyers are uniquely qualified to provide an aggressive defense on your behalf for charges related to the following:

  • DWI/DUI – Even for first-time offenders, drunk driving charges can be costly and can result in significant penalties. We can help you fight these charges and retain your driving privileges in both Missouri and Kansas.
  • Drug charges – We can help you fight charges related to drug possession or use, and work to preserve your personal freedom, including exploring the possibility of drug court, diversion, or alternative solutions to jail time when available. If there was an illegal search and seizure by police, we can challenge the prosecution's evidence.
  • Domestic assault – Allegations of domestic assault can have immediate and lasting consequences. We will explain how to deal with restraining orders, defend yourself against formal charges and preserve your firearm rights.
  • Violent crimes – Criminal charges associated with violent crimes require immediate attention. Conviction of a felony crime can lead to years in prison. A strong and immediate defense strategy is critical.
  • Traffic and municipal violations – A traffic or municipal violation may seem minor, but a strong defense is necessary to help you avoid problems down the road.

No matter the charges against you, you have the right to a highly effective defense. We will make sure your case receives fair treatment and take every step necessary to fight for a resolution that lets you move on with your life.

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