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Search warrant leads to felony drug charges in Missouri

Most people in Missouri likely feel safe in the privacy of their own homes or other property. Because the Constitution protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures, there must be a good reason for a search of a home by law enforcement officers to occur. Despite this, it is unclear what sparked a search that ultimately resulted in felony drug charges.

Missouri teen faces felony drug charges after football game

It is sometimes hard to predict what behavior someone might deem to be suspicious. In fact, what may seem to be suspicious to some may be an innocuous action. As such, civilian suspicions alone are not sufficient to prompt an arrest. Despite this, a teenager in Missouri now faces felony drug charges following events that allegedly occurred at a high school football game

Missouri investigation leads to felony drug charges

When faced with criminal accusations, many people who are without the benefit of legal training are unsure of their options. Often, they are left to make decisions that will likely impact the rest of their lives without fully understanding their circumstances and potential outcomes. Unfortunately, two people who are now facing felony drug charges in Missouri may be feeling overwhelmed by the situation they are facing.

Missouri doctor faces felony drug charges

Doctors have many important responsibilities to their patients. As part of their jobs, they are required to determine what medication and in what amount -- if any -- is appropriate. As such, they have the ability to write prescriptions for drugs that people can not otherwise legally obtain. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials claim that one doctor in Missouri abused this ability, resulting in felony drug charges.

Missouri traffic stop leads to felony drug charges

Being pulled over by a police officer can be a nerve-wracking experience. However, knowing people who know their rights can help those in such a situation when they communicate with law enforcement officials. Unfortunately, four people are now facing felony drug charges in Missouri after a police officer initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle in which they were traveling.

Man faces felony charges over fraudulent prescription

When people are facing the prospect of criminal charges -- even if they did not commit the crimes of which they are suspected -- they may panic, reacting in a way that further complicates their legal situation. Unfortunately, police in Missouri claim a man escaped custody following his initial arrest. The man now faces multiple felony charges.

Man, woman face gun, drug charges following Missouri home search

Most people feel relatively safe within the walls of their own homes, including that their privacy will not be violated by law enforcement officers. When a search of their home occurs, for example, it can only happen under certain circumstances. In fact, two people were recently arrested on weapons and drug charges in Missouri after officers served a warrant to search their home.

Missouri car accident leads to felony drug charges

Being involved in a car accident is a stressful event. Unfortunately, a person still recovering from the shock of an accident often finds him- or herself facing questions from law enforcement officials. Because of physical injuries and the emotional response, those in such a situation may not be fully cognizant of the implications of the information they provide. In fact, a man in Missouri now faces drug charges after he was involved in a car accident.

Man faces drug charges following Missouri traffic stop

Traffic stops happen relatively frequently in Missouri and across the country. Often, they are uneventful. Police will issue a citation, and both parties will continue on their way. However, a recent traffic stop reportedly resulted in drug charges after police reportedly found drugs and other items in a man's rental vehicle.

Missouri judge, no reasonable cause in felony drug case

Everyone in the United States has certain rights that are provided by the Constitution. Unfortunately, without legal training, a person facing criminal charges may not be able to fully recognize and respond to unlawful treatment. Fortunately, two women involved in a felony drug case are no longer facing charges after a judge ruled that a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper did not have reasonable cause in the stop and search that led to their arrest.


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